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From: Mike Morgan and Dan Morris


Dear frustrated marketer, 

If you want to know the exact technique I used to make $500 Per Day With PPV ? Then stay with me – this short story is very important.  

... because you're about to learn the most powerful PPV secrets . 

The Fact is...

Whether You Are A Veteran Marketer Or A Complete Noob, Generating Targeted Traffic is Very Simple!

Seriously, it really is.

It's so simple, that ...

You Don’t Need to have any knowledge on traffic generation

You Don’t Need to have any copywriting skills

You Don’t Need to Have an E-mail list

You Don’t Need to Have Joint Venture Partners

You Don’t Need to Have any experience in internet Marketing

You Don’t Need to know anything about selling or persuasion.

You Don’t Need to have any technical know how on web design

You Don’t Need to know how to create sales latter

You Don’t Need buyers to make money

You Don’t Need to deal with credit cards orders, shipping, handling , sales process, etc

You Don’t Need to have a website

You Don’t Even Need To Know Any Thing About PPC , SEO , Blogging , Any web 2.0 or  Article Marketing

Believe me, had you known the PPV traffic secrets ....

You wouldn't be here now looking for new ways to generate traffic and make money ...

You'd be busy counting your newfound wealth...

So…Why Are You Failing?

The answer is straight and simple …

You've listened to the so called experts who claim they can help make you money online. But still it doesn't seem to work for you...

... I know how you feel. That happened to me too.

But, today is your break …

Because ...

You will learn how to generate Tsunami of traffic and completely change your life.

But, before I go any further, let me tell you the my story...

"I Was Like You ... "

My name is Dan.

I'm 23 years old, and I've been a full time online marketer for just over a year.

Before that, I was a PIZZA DELIVERY GUY.

That was the best job I ever had ...

You know what…

My daily job was so boring that, I hated it so much.

So, I started to look for better job. But, things were not easy for me.

Because …

  • I was high school dropout. …
  • No college education
  • No Certificate
  • No Experience, other than the PIZZA DELIVERY job.

One day, while checking my email I accidentally came up with a website that teaches how to make money online.

… That was the first time that I know about the existing of money making online. So, I started to look for information on money making online…

Still, there was another problem…

I didn't even have a clue about how to actually make money on the Internet.

Like so many others out there, I was simply overwhelmed with the sheer volume of Internet marketing information available, and each "overnight success guru" pitching me their latest miracle cure...

I bought every worthless “get rich quick scheme” ...

  • E-books
  • DVD's
  • Software’s
  • Seminar tickets
  • Home study courses
  • Membership sites

… You name it.

In fact, I have lost Thousands of dollars on money making courses alone!

I have tried everything …But, nothing worked.

All my money wasted.

To Be Exact , My online experience was

… So bad

… Frustrating

… Confusing.

But, it was all the sudden that things Started to change.

Here is How Things Started To Change - The Game Changer ...


Just about a year ago my friend introduced me to a powerful and easy to implement method.

And the difference was night and day.

It was as if “The Secret method” anticipated every problem I was having with traffic generation and money making online.

... To cut a long story short, I went from losing money to total of $119,677.09 dollars . And it was all thanks to my friend and “The Secret method”.

Since then I began generating massive traffic and making thousands of dollars

  • With Zero list
  • No Product
  • No Website

And to be honest, I never stopped. I've been doing it ever since.

But then I realized that a lot of other people could probably benefit from something like this. 

... So, I have decided to share with you the MAGIC FORMULA used by a few elite marketers.

If you are lucky to get one of the few copies available for sale, believe me, you are going to be rich. I am serious. NO JOKE.


Set Up A System That Generates An Avalanche Of Traffic ...

Dominate Highly Competitive Niches Like A Pro ...

Finally Rake In Fat Affiliate Commission Directly Paid Into Your Paypal , All With NO Traffic Generation Prior Experience ...

If you've been struggling to generate targeted traffic, this is what you need.

Some of the things you will find inside are :-

How To Drive Avalanche Of Traffic That Relentlessly Pours Cash In Hand Customers And Make Huge Commission , Even If You Do Not Have Any Knowledge About Traffic Generation ...

How To Instantly Make Money By Directly Plugging Your Affiliate Link

Find Out The Simplest Way To Dominate The Most Profitable And Highly Competitive Niches Like A Pro

Master The Simple Techniques To Buy Traffic For Just Few Cents , While Others Struggle To Pay $10+ For Traffic In PPC

Discover A Complete List Of 9 Niches/Sub Niches To Start Making Money Instantly. All Of Them Are Proven And You Are Ready To Ride. No More Wasting Time For Research. A Complete List Of Tested Niches Are Ready.

Learn How To Generate High Surge Of Targeted Traffic And Make Huge Commission. No More Waiting Years Or Months To See The Result.

Discover The List Of All Free Tools You Need To Start Cashing Online Right Away. Everything Is Ready. No More Delays. Obstacles Are Totally Avoided.

Find Out The Unavoidable Online Marketing Riches Best Practice. Warning – If Your Don’t Know This, Don’t Try Anything Online. Missing This Critical Point Will Cost You Lots Of Money.   

Learn The Most Secretive Elite Marketers 5 Points Check List To Identify And Select The Most Profitable Product With 100% Accuracy And Precision. You Will No More Need To Have Your Own Product To Make Money Online. Just, Use My Method And Get The Most Profitable Product Right Away.

Discover A List Of Top Sites To Get A Product To Promote, Which Are Also Checked As SCAM Safe. No More To Worry About Your Affiliate Check.

Discover The 6 Highly Effective Techniques To Boost Your Earning Online Like No Other

Everything Is Outlined As It Should Perfectly Be; Even A Complete Beginner Will Go Through The Step By Step Guide With Out Any Hurdle.

And Lots Of More…

You're probably feeling that this sounds great... and you're right to.

You see, Mass Traffic Code is totally unique, and it makes it unbelievably simple for you get started generating high surge of traffic and make thousands of dollars. .

Do you know why?

Because it's unexploited, easy and highly targeted traffic source.

The beauty is …

I Will Personally Walk You Through The Step By Step Blueprint...


Unlike other courses Mass Traffic Code is Highly Effective and Simple System.

You will be amazed by the
quality of the product. I have been using them for long time and now you are lucky that you will have MASTER KEY at your finger print

It is proven method and very simple to implement.

I am not going to blow your mind with complex ideas - I will just hold your hand and show you how to make a wad of cash with proven and simple to understand money making methods.

Believe me, my methods are the simplest and the most powerful methods you have ever seen.

... and when I say simple, I'm not kidding.

Seriously, this is a shockingly simple 4 Step process...

Download the Step by Step By Guide

Apply The Formula

Drive High Surge of Targeted Traffic

Start Making Fat Affiliate Commission Directly Paid To Your PayPal account

End result...?

But don't just take my word for that  check out what one happy user had to say about the simplicity of my product...


"Hey Mike, First, I'd like to thank you for creating such an awesome product.

Mass Traffic Code rocks!

I spent only 30 minutes to create my first traffic machine.

You have made it so simple and easy. Thanks so much for what you did here… GREAT JOB!

Linda - Fri April 16, 2010 5:23 pm

And don't worry, that is just one of the powerful user stories you'll read on this page.

So you see, I'm not kidding, this system could bring you high surge of targeted traffic and make fat affiliate commissions directly paid into your PayPal account daily.

The beauty my system is that you can easily understand and implement the system without any hurdle.

I am sure after you apply some of the techniques , every thing will be changed...

Hi Mike

Well what can I say ...WOW.

I've bought so many courses online and yours is the only one I've made money from.

Within the first 2 weeks I've already made $1678.85 in profit.
Even better though my daily earning is still rising.

You're the best

John Stevenson -  Washington, USA


"Thank you very much, Mike and Dan.

I was totally surprised when I opened my account this morning.

…The first time in 2 years that I saw a profit online!

Thanks for creating this awesome product.

God Bless,
Donald K. - L.A.



Hey Mike,

For the last few days I have been experimenting with some of the techniques I learned from Mass Traffic Code…

It is amazing to tell you that my earnings from that single niche alone transformed from $20 a day to almost $50 per day.

I am know aware how much I could earn by implementing these techniques across multiple niches I promote.

Well done to Mike and his team for producing this fantastic program.

Sarah David  - Tucson, AZ


Seriously, if you're looking to:

Get High Surge Of Targeted Traffic The Easy Way , But You Don't Know Anything About Traffic Generation

Make Your First Profits Online With No Prior Experience

Or Boost Your Income Online With Ultra Effective Techniques

... Then this is right for you.

 Imagine Generating Hordes of Traffic …

Imagine for a second being able to go into any niche - and I mean any niche, even the most competitive niches where the so called gurus told you to stay away. You will be manipulating every niche like a pro.

... and you will quickly and easily start making fat affiliate commissions.

It sounds great I know, but that's literally how simple it is.

Here's what will happen-

I will show you best places to get easy to convert affiliate offers.

And then you will select the best offers and plug it into your system.

...BINGO - instant fat affiliate ...

Okay, This Sounds Amazing, But How Much Is It Going To Cost Me?


The quick answer is nowhere near as much as you deserve to pay.

I am offering Mass Traffic Code at an absolute rock-bottom bargain, so I promise you right now it's a steal and you are getting it at an incredible price ...

Just , give me few seconds and I will prove to you that this is the best deal you will ever have .

Just think...

If am not wrong, you are reading this, because you want to generate high surge of traffic to your website and make huge commission, right? Then, as a smart person you need to ask yourself how much I can make if I use the system. Then you will definitely reach the right decision point.

I have to tested the system on lots of newbies and the majority were averaging $200 per day or $6000 monthly, this actually is conservative . Just think of it … It is really huge.

So, if I offer you at a price of $197 or $497 or even $997 I am sure you will buy the blueprint with no hesitation. Because it is stuffed with real traffic generation and money making stuff.

Thankfully though, I want to help as many people as I possibly can with this thing, so I'm not going to ask you for the actual price that you need to pay.

You see I know you’re hurting …Because I’ve been there…

In fact, I'm not even going to ask you half the price.

I know you’re frustrated.

And I know many of you have been at this game for a while…and still haven’t got where you want to be…

So today is going to be your big break…

Truth is, I've put together an amazing deal, with an INSANELY low price.

For The Next 48 Hours Only...

If you move right now on this, you can get access for just





Just $47

Let me repeat ...

YES, If you move fast - right now - you can get the whole course for just $47...

I've seen enough... let me in now

But listen, it won't last...

$47 is the launch price only...  and I'm not kidding here. This isn't some kind of marketing gimmick. This course is packed with solid and proven money-making information.

You and I both know you don't usually get content like that from a $47 product... so when I say this is a launch price only, I'm DEAD serious...

To be blunt, you need to pull the trigger, or miss out for good, so hit the button NOW:

But Wait! It Gets Even Better

You see, the system is specifically designed to provide you with the information you need to start generating high surge of targeted traffic and make thousands of dollars.

All of this information, packed with proven methods, makes it possible for you to start transforming your life and making the money you deserve from the comfort of your own home.

I am so confident you’re going to love this huge traffic generation and money making stuff.

You should also get relaxed that my offer is backed by ridiculous SIXTY days money back guarantee.

Unconditional Money Back Guarantee

“Mass Traffic Code”
For 60 Days With Zero Risk!

I am so confident that you'll love the step by step traffic generation and money making blueprint.

Go ahead and download the whole thing, and try it out. Put the blueprint into place, see what happens for you.

And if you don't generate enough traffic within 60 days or if you don't make enough money, or just don't like the system, no problem....

You'll get every last cent refunded to you.

Simply contact me and I'll refund every penny of your purchase.

But we're convinced that once you try my system, you'll be astounded at just how easy and powerful the system is.

So take advantage of it right now... grab Mass Traffic Code at this rock bottom price, with this rock-solid guarantee.

And don't forget, that crazy price is a launch price only - it could go up at any time...

-- Mike Morgan and Dan Morris

OK Guys, I've Seen Enough, Let Me In NOW


You've probably already realized that this is an insane bargain - but a guarantee like that turns it into a must-have... a complete no-brainer.

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You'll always struggle and scrape to pay the bills

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It’s your choice ...

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